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Anders Indset
Business Philosopher

Anders Indset is Business Philosopher, Serial-Entrepreneur and sought-after Speaker in the fields of Leadership, Branding and Innovation. The Norwegian-born Indset offers companies a new mindset for creative solutions, change and sustainable growth on the basis of a “new culture of  leadership” rooted in efficiency and happiness. Indset offers an in-depth understanding of the trends of tomorrow and how leaders can handle the current speed of change on the road towards, what many believe will be,  technical singularity (post-humanism).

Indset borrows from his broad industry experience, which includes ten years as a consultant and numerous ventures. His expertise was further sharpened by co-founding a creative communication agency in 2004 that worked with numerous DAX-Companies and “Hidden Champions.” In 2013, Indset sold his shares in this highly successful company and moved on to other ventures which have included initiating and investing in start-ups for cloud-based software tools, eCommerce applications, and an “online print house.”