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Heribert Meffert
German Marketing-pioneer

marketing pioneer and expert

At universities in Germany it is impossible for students of business administration or marketing to hide from Heribert Meffert. The former professor and director of the Institute for Marketing at the University of Münster is known as the German Marketing-pioneer, his book “Marketing: Grundlagen marktorientierter Unternehmensführung” (EN: Marketing: basics of market-oriented management), better known as “Marketing-bible”, has sold over 225.000 copies.

Since the mid-1970s Meffert played an important role in creating and re-designing the subject Marketing. Meffert has been member of several supervisory boards in renowned companies, such as BASF, Coatings AG, Henkel KGaA und Kaufhof Warenhaus AG. During his direction as chairman of the Bertelsmann Foundation between 2002 and 2005 he stood up for a stronger social responsibility of the corporations.

Prof. Dr. Meffert will be rewarded at the marketing and innovation forum europe with the first leaders.we.love. Brand-Award for a career of over 50 years in service of marketing, branding and the science of market, customer and sales.